Destination NSW

Categorisation taxonomies, copywriting and internal link building for NSW’s tourism department.

💻 Website content and structure

Destination NSW is an Australian government organisation aiming to support the growth of tourism in the state of New South Wales. I wrote landing pages to promote travel, events, and attractions to local and international audiences. This appeared across their two main channels; and

Engage website visitors to promote travel, events, and attractions in NSW and Sydney

Structured website content by priority and increase page conversion

How I helped
Content audit
Website flows
Content writing
Style guide—language and tone

My goal was to find the right travel angle and positioning for different areas of NSW and Sydney, and create groups and segments that could be used as personas for areas. This was particularly helpful when diversifying the category of landing pages created—pages for areas, pages for seasonal attractions, pages for need, pages for celebrations. This taxonomy eventually helped guide the internal link building between these pages.

The most challenging aspect of this project was expanding beyond the original style guide providing by Destination NSW. Borrowed from an internal government style guide, it was fairly limited for the scope of this work, but evolved over time to reflect approved changes that could then be used by other writers to maintain consistency.


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