The Royal Botanic Gardens

Completed a website audit, restructure, and rewrite, including creating contextual call-to-action flows.

🗂️ Complete website audit

The Royal Botanic Gardens is a heritage listed garden, event venue, and public recreation area located in Sydney. As part of the website’s ten-year anniversary, I was commissioned to restructure and repurpose three of the five main categories of their official site.

Engage website visitors and show them the breadth of the Garden’s offerings

Structured website content by priority and created relevant user flows

How I helped
Content audit
Website flows
Content writing
Style guide—language and tone

I used information architecture practices and reorganised roughly 500 pages worth of content between the “Learn”, “Science”, and “Visit” categories. This was largely based off existing website traffic numbers, common relationships between pages, and identifying the main call-to-actions for these categories (for example, most pages within the “visit” flow would lead to a specific attraction or the general open information, while pages under “learn” would have different flows leading to donation CTAs or exhibition or attraction tickets).

As with all websites or products that have undergone change over time, there were a range of inconsistencies in naming, spelling, and pricing that were rectified as part of the rewrite. While there was no formal style guide provided, I was tasked with establishing a consistent voice across all three categories, while also leaning into different tone spectrums of that voice depending on the content.


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